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Root Canal Treatment

Infections of the tooth can progress to the point where the root canals of your teeth become infected. When this occurs, you may experience severe tooth pain, sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures, darkening of the tooth, or localised swelling. To relieve these symptoms, we recommend Root Canal treatment.

Root Canal Infections

Root canal infections occur when a tooth infection progresses to the point where the root canal system under the tooth becomes affected. This can occur due to a tooth decay left to progress untreated. We try to mitigate the risk of tooth decay in our patients by focusing on Preventative Dentistry.

The Root Canal Procedure

Root Canal treatments involve the removal of the tooth’s nerve and pulp. Bacteria infect these tissues, which is the cause of the severe pain associated with a root canal infection.

After removing the nerve and pulp to prevent future infection, your Dentist cleans the tooth thoroughly before sealing and filling it or adding a Crown to maintain the tooth’s structure.

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What our patients say about us...

We have been coming to this dental practice for over 25 years and during that time have received first class treatment in a friendly & professional environment. Many thanks.

Jane & Gary Cashman

I registered at the practice as an NHS patient and I was very pleasantly surprised. Friendly receptionist and the dentist Dr Sam Protty was brilliant (and calming). He told me straight away what is the issue with my front teeth what other dentists failed to identify in the past 5 years.

Erika Frankó

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